10 Celebrities Who Should Be Muslim

10 Celebrities Who Should Be Muslim

Some Muslims look down on celebrities as spoiled, sinful, proponents of evil entertainment.

And in some ways, they are.

But there are many celebrities who spend their money and time on good causes. In fact, very often those good causes directly benefit Muslims.

So rather than say bad things about these guys, perhaps it’s better if we pray for their guidance instead.

There are some celebrities that have encouraged wars against Muslims. For example, both Tom Cruise and Stephen Spielberg backed President George W. Bush’s war against Iraq.

But there were many more celebrities who spoke out against this war and are trying to bring stability to places like Darfur.

Trying to slog through all of these political issues and how certain celebrities feel about them would take too long and bore me to tears. Instead, I’ll just make a list of celebrities whose actions and passions indicate they have a lot of good in them and will hopefully one day accept Islam.

1. Bono


The things Bono gets involved in is stupendous. This guy is always promoting some humanitarian cause, usually in Africa or Haiti or some other poor nation. I can’t list every good cause he’s promoted, but just take a look at some of them:

  1. DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa).
  2. Conspiracy for Hope.
  3. Hope for Haiti.
  4. And a whole bunch of UN stuff…

2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


This couple are almost as famous for their charitable work as they are for their entertaining movies and very public personal lives. I’m going to overlook the fact that they’re not married and just highlight some of the good things they’ve done together over the years.

  1. Brad Pitt was involved in the 2005 Kashmir earthquake.
  2. Make It Right Foundation (for Hurricane Katrina victims).
  3. Donated to Doctors Without Borders.
  4. Adopted several children from the developing world.
  5. Angelina Jolie is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR (United Nations High Commission on Refugees).

3. Oprah Winfrey


I’m not a fan of Oprah Winfrey, but her philanthropic work cannot be denied. Just off the top of my head I know she has founded schools for girls in South Africa and has donated millions of dollars for various social causes and humanitarian efforts.

4. Ludacris


This rapper gets props just for setting Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly straight.

But Ludacris is also known for being involved in several local humanitarian projects. He has been involved in Dosomething.org and founded the Ludacris Foundation.

5. Michael Moore

I don’t know what projects and causes Michael Moore has donated to, but his movies are enough to put him in the top five of this list. His films have highlighted several causes that Muslims should be interested in including:

  1. Bowling For Columbine – Highlights the dangers and effects of America’s gun-loving culture.
  2. Sicko – Exposes the inadequacy and failures of America’s profit oriented health care industry.
  3. Fahrenheit 911 – Do I really need to explain?

6. Jackie Chan

He’s known for his martial arts movies and exciting action flicks. But Jackie Chan actually spends a lot of money on local causes. This is an example that many Muslims in the West should emulate.

Too often, foreign-born Muslims send their Sadaqa and Zakaah back home, totally ignoring the plight of homeless and poverty-stricken people here in America. Just like Jackie Chan tries to help those closest to him, Muslims should do the same.

7. Alicia Keys

Like many of the people on this list, singer Alicia Keys focuses a lot of her money and attention on Africa. In fact, she has partnered with Bono on AIDS/HIV projects in Africa.

It is unfortunate that many Muslims seem to be unaware or unconcerned about how badly AIDS/HIV is plaguing Africa. Of course, we know that these diseases are punishments from Allah for immoral acts. Nonetheless, that does not mean we cannot help those who are suffering from AIDS, especially child victims.

8. Matt Damon

Matt Damon is involved in at least two major ecological causes. One is to help bring clean drinking water to impoverished parts of the world. The other is to help save trees from being used in junk mail.

I’m not too familiar with the second one, but the first is very vital and extremely important to many Muslims. We all know how vital water is in Muslim life. Not just for drinking, but also for religious reasons such as wudu and ghusl.

9. Madonna

This was a hard one for me to choose. Mostly because she practices kabala (Jewish mysticism), and has espoused moral stances that go directly against Islamic principles.

But the fact is she does give a lot of her time and money for good causes. Because of this, I have to hope that one day she, like the other people on this list, will be guided towards Islam.

Just thought of another blog idea: “Madonna’s Most Un-Islamic Songs.”

“Papa Don’t Preach” and “Like A Virgin” belong at the top of that list.

10. Ben Affleck

Like most celebrities, Ben Affleck is very liberal. But I don’t want to dwell on his political activities (he’s one of the most politically active individuals on this list).

However, like his buddy Matt Damon, Ben supports many genuine causes. He has founded organizations to support research to cure A-T (a really traumatic disease that afflicts young children), humanitarian relief in the Congo, and of course environmental issues (I did say he was a liberal).

His relationships…now that’s another story.

Honorable mentions:

  1. Former President Jimmy Carter – One of the few politicians brave enough to speak out against Israel.
  2. Former President Bill Clinton – At least we know he wouldn’t be against polygamy (sorry, I couldn’t help it). But seriously, he has helped to raise a lot of money for causes that involve Muslims, including the Southeast Asia Tsunami. And lets not forget he led the charge against the Serbs (a little late) and Croats back in the late 90’s.
  3. Susan Sarandon – She was against the Iraq war from the beginning, and she supports a lot of other noble causes.
  4. Sean Penn – He was against the Iraq war and has been involved in various humanitarian causes.
  5. Chris Webber – It was hard to find any non-Muslim athletes to put on this list (for some reason these guys just don’t seem to want to get involved in anything controversial). I do remember an interview Chris Webber did a long time ago when he mentioned he admired Malcolm X. He also has a charitable organization that helps local youth.

Those Who Are Good In Jahiliyya Are Good In Islam

All of these people have displayed admirable qualities that we all should emulate. If any of them were to accept Islam, they would certainly be good Muslims, Inshallah.

Perhaps it may seem impossible, but it has happened before. There are several athletes and rappers who became Muslim, even after hitting the big time. Of course, there’s still the rumors that Michael Jackson was Muslim also.

Not to mention the current President of the United States.

If you can think of any other celebrities or famous people who should become Muslim, please share their names in the comments below.

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33 Responses to 10 Celebrities Who Should Be Muslim

  1. You do realize these celebrities do these things to keep their “image” meaning showing public they actually “care”, they are all waiting to join hell not to mention madonna being illumanati mistress.

    • Thank you for commenting Fahad.

      Well, only Allah knows why they truly do what they do. We are not knowledgeable of the unseen, that is something that only Allah knows along with their final destination.

      As for Madonna, while I won’t say she’s an “Illuminati mistress” as you so eloquently put it, I will admit her interest in kabbala is very strange. This is even more strange when we consider that despite her mediocre talents (she’s not a really great singer, nor is she a great actress) she has gone beyond stardom to SUPER stardom. She is probably more famous than everyone on this list and, with the exception of Oprah Winfrey, is probably the richest one also.

      There is also a very odd book she wrote that really, really makes me concerned about her, as it should every other Muslim (especially Arabs).

      But we’ll leave that for another day.

  2. Even though the article is a bit dated, I do agree with a good slew of them. Oprah especially just because of how admired and influential she is to so many women. If she became Muslim and explained her reasons why I’m sure a good swarm of Women would either follow suit or at least look into Islam.

    The closest one to actually be Muslim is Alicia Keys since she married Muslim rapper Swiss Beatz. Insha Allah she busts out in a hijab out of nowhere.

  3. My fellow brothers in islam, we do not accept dis believe over believe. There reward will only be in this life, unless they embrace islam. Islam will be the only way of life accepted on Qiyamat, so there deeds will be void on that day.

  4. Well, quite a show you people have opened here. They should be Muslims? Are you trying to create some fun? Jesus, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. They are just mislead.. I wish I could describe you to them…if only they had the patience and openness and thirst for seeking the truth and hear about you.. I wonder, you are in Islam because you are born in islam or you came to believe in islam after hearing about other religions too? Brothers, know the lies and the truth. I’m not an enemy, but I’m trying to get you out of an enormous pit of lies, which Jesus foretold (in Matthew 24:24) “….and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. . . . For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect – if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time.”


    • Oh boy…another Bible Thumper who believes in the illogical.

      1 + 1 + 1 = 1?

      God was born and came through a woman’s birth canal according to your beliefs. You also believe that God died. And while God was being killed, according to you, he cried out to God to save him.


      • Lol man u actually said something back there. That defiantly makes scence. We r learning about Muslims, Jews and Christians and I will use ur example god bless you Abu Ibrahim 🙂

      • Although I disagree with the post and many of the comments, I appreciate that most of these opinions are stated without malice. Just want to point out that unfortunately the discussion between Christians and Muslims has been damaged by the false teachers that are called “the church fathers”. Their doctrines were not Christian. They gave us a trinitarian doctrine where three is one and one is two and Christ is said to “issue from” (a Gnostic emanation) and an incarnation (like a Hindu avatar). None of that is Scriptural. The Bible does not teach that Jesus Christ is God. I would just like to clarify what Christianity really is. The Apostles and the testimony of Jesus Christ is that He is the promised seed, the Messiah, the Son of the living God who died on the cross to pay for our sins and was raised from the dead on the third day. This same Jesus will return for His saints. That is the Christian doctrine that was taught by the Apostles hundreds of years before the so-called “church fathers”. Neither the Lord Jesus nor the Apostles claimed that He was the Almighty God, but the Son of God. I understand that Muslims disagree with us on these doctrines, but it would at least be better if our discussions were relevant, and Trinitarianism is an unnecessary distraction. Christians then if they understood the Scriptures would realize that they do not need to stand for Trinitarianism. We need to proclaim in love that Jesus Christ is the Savior of men, the Son of God as the Apostles and He declared. And the Lord Jesus is not responsible for departures from those simple truths by men who use His name without knowing Him. The Lord Jesus and the Apostles made it clear that we are to hold to His simple truth and walk in love toward all men. That is Christianity. Any argument against Trinitarianism or the Crusades, for example, is not an argument against Christianity at all. Jesus Christ came to save men and women, not to condemn them, but to give them life. Thank you for the opportunity to try to make this point.

        • Thank you George for your input and our comment. I agree with much of your understanding of the role of Jesus Christ, however, it is a minority opinion among Christians.

          I don’t see why you would disagree with this post. All of these individuals are not even Christian and it was made sort of tongue-in-cheek.

          • I enjoyed visiting your site. Thank you for the hospitable and courteous reception. And we can all enjoy some good natured or as you say tongue in cheek humor instead of all the ill humor of our time. I wish you a good day and with your permission will look forward to visiting your site again.
            And you are correct, Christians like myself who realize that Trinitarianism is not Christianity are a minority. But some of us realize that God is not a man, and God cannot die, and neither was He born.
            Again, Thank you for your hospitality, and all the best, George

  5. Despite all odds and encountering a few negative messages in regard toward this article, i wholeheartedly love it, it’s beautiful brother what you’ve written… it’s a form of intelligence in a peculiar yet humanizing way… you see things others are blind to , that is hope . May Allah guide all of us to the right path ameen. Jazakallah khayr .

  6. Mashallah – for me I always see so many non-Muslims who I wish would accept the truth! It’s heartbreaking sometimes for me to see people who are generally well-educated, and see the problems with society that Muslims see, suffering from the effects of their own unbelief. Surat al- Kahf always reminds me of this. (Ayah 6)

    Sorry to be making so many nitpicky comments, but I study geography and a lot of related world issues and I love looking at them from a Muslim view. AIDS of course is a result of directly unIslamic activity, but we should be careful not to stigmatize obtaining treatment – many, many of those who are affected by AIDS are orphans, as you mentioned, as well as women who are being heavily exploited (for example they are forced into prostitution, especially those attempting to take care of families. Also, many women and families contract AIDS because of their husbands taking many women on the side).

    As salamu alaikum! 🙂

  7. Drinking blood, drugs, bisexual, naked on tabloid… this is Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt is a mason pro gay and pro gay marriage… after all of this, charity must be hidden because this is for Allah and not for compliments, also Jesus said this: “Don’t do like publicans.” Come on! If they could be muslim, put on your list Charles Manson. They are slaves of Satan, those are facts and not opinions.

  8. Footballer Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal should be added to the list that he does lot of philanthropic works in Indonesia especially for the children.

    After a friendly match betwee Portugal and Israel, an Israeli player removing his shirt offered it to Ronaldo, who refused because he could not agree to wear a jersey on which there was the flag of the State of Israel.

    In the locker room when reporters asked him why he had refused to exchange his jersey, he said “I do not exchange my shirt with murderers” The Portuguese star Ronaldo has shown his solidarity with Palestinians, last year he auctioned off his soccer boot in gold, to help Palestinian victims of Israeli bombing.

    @ Jesus my saviour says.

    The same Jesus uttered (Matthew7:21-23)

    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

  9. Brothers and sisters, the prophet Mohammad (ASAW) job was to convey the message, but Allah the mighty and glory is the one who guides the mis- guided. So please don’t forget this. Anyone can change instantly. I just hope that Allah subhanu Watala forgives us because we are not perfect at all.

  10. Taylor Swift should be at first, she’s nicer and more friendly with people. She’s more philanthropic than most on this list. She was a lot better before her 1989 album though.

  11. That’s is very interesting and educative. But, I expected to see Christiano Ronaldo on top of the list for his concern about the Palestinian people.

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