6 Really Good Movies That Make Muslims Look Bad

6 Really Good Movies That Make Muslims Look Bad

We Hate The Message, But Love The Film

As a Muslim you’ve definitely gotten tired of it by now. The stereotypical, ruthless, bearded, Muslim guy with a vendetta against all things good and Western wants to irrationally kill hundreds or even thousands of innocent people.

Of course, the movie might give the Muslim terrorist (or freedom fighter) a good reason for wanting to become a mass murderer. Perhaps his family was wiped out by an errant bomb over Afghanistan. Or maybe he’s tired of arrogant U.S. soldiers traipsing through his beautiful desert garden. Or maybe he’s just upset that Leverage was cancelled (I know I was).

But whatever the reason, it has become all too common to see Muslims as the bad guy in major Hollywood movies.

Very often, these movies turn out to be pretty bad. Let’s be serious; if a movie producer can’t come up with better villains than angry Arab/Pakistani/Muslim terrorists than the movie is almost guaranteed to be a stinker.

Some of the really bad ones that come to mind include:

  • Delta Force starring Chuck Norris – A bunch of Arab terrorists hijack and airplane and good ol’ Chuck Norris with his martial arts and fancy motorcycle swoops in to save the innocent Israeli passengers.
  • Rules of Engagement starring Samuel L. Jackson – A heroic soldier is court martialed for opening fire on a bunch of Arab civilians. We later find out the innocent Arabs (including the little girl with crutches) were all trying kill him therefore he was justified in murdering them.
  • The Siege – How can a movie with Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis go wrong? Well, locking up thousands of Muslims in Brooklyn’s Navy yard, a couple of extrajudicial killings, and a thermal image of two people making babies just might do it.

But there is something we have to admit.

There have actually been some really good movies that made Muslims look bad. In fact, some of these movies have become classics and are loved by millions of people (including Muslims).

So let’s take a trip through Hollywood and look at the top 6 movie hits that get a pass for depicting bad Muslims.

6. Babel

In all truth, the Westerners in this movie were a lot worse than the Muslims.

This was a complex movie that showed how the lives of three different families on three different continents were intertwined.

babelIt also showed how the media can sometimes blow up little incidents and make them into something bigger than what they really are. And it also shows how so many countries are willing to break their own citizen’s backs at the behest of the U.S. government.

But why, oh why, did it have to show that little Arab boy masturbating while watching his sister dress? Why did they ruin and otherwise touching movie with this lurid scene?

5. Syriana

I really hated enjoying this movie.

It had every Muslim stereotype you can think of. And many things that weren’t stereotypes.

  • It had the rich, billionaire Arab oil guy.
  • It had the Muslim, fundamentalist terrorist.
  • It had the traitorous, beheading Arab mercenary.

But it was such a darn good movie.

syrianaSyriana showed how complex geopolitics can be. It showed how the West uses it’s military and technical might, not always for justice, but often for profit as well.

In fact, Syriana was very accurate in showcasing the different Islamic ethnic groups by differentiating between Iranians and Arabs and Pakistanis.

But the fact remains, it still had a billionaire Arab oil guy, and a Muslim terrorist, and a mercenary with an itch to lop off some heads.

4.  Aladdin

Ah, yes. Not even Disney could resist the urge to cast Muslims in a bad light. Even in a movie about Islamic mythology with a Muslim hero and a Muslim female interest (who really needs to put on a hijab) and even a kindly, albeit goofy Muslim king…

They still had to stick it to us.

The movie begins with such a stupid anti-Muslim misconception, I’m surprised it turned out to be as good as it was.

A young impoverished scoundrel, does the only thing he can do to feed himself, and steals a piece of fruit. Of course, he’s caught by a guard and is immediately sentenced to have his hand amputated.aladdin-3

And all of this happens in the space of like, thirty seconds!

Of course, Disney is not going to show some kid getting his hands chopped off. They just drop the not-so-subtle hint it’s about to happen.

The thing is…it takes a whole lot for a thief’s hand to be amputated in Islam. According to authentic Islamic Fiqh, this boy’s hand would never have been chopped off for shoplifting an apple.

However, despite this crappy introduction, the rest of the movie was really great. The songs, the artwork, the script, that ridiculous blue Genie, all came together to spin a really good movie.

As a Muslim, you might hate the ridiculous male-fantasy driven portrayal of Jasmine, but you can’t really say it wasn’t an entertaining movie.

3. True Lies

Really, we should have known something was wrong with Arnold Schwarzenegger when he made this movie. This movie, more than anything else he said, showed his true colors.

This movie came out in 1994 along with two other really good movies that won all sorts of awards: Forrest Gump and The Lion King.

true-lies-muslimsAnd despite being up against these two outstanding movies, True Lies did very well.

Because it was perfect popcorn munching, turn off the thinking cap, have a great laugh and enjoy the explosions action movie.

And the horse scene. You gotta love the horse scene.

This movie wasn’t just action packed; it also had comedy. Come on. Who can forget the Harrier jet scene and Arnold saying “You’re fired” just before launching the head bad guy to his fiery death?

And Jaime Lee Curtis dropping the uzi that bounced down the stairs and shot every single terrorist in sight?

Unfortunately, all the bad guys (except for the car salesman) were Muslim.

Yep..same old, same old.

Dumb, Muslim terrorists who call themselves, of all things, “Crimson Jihad.”

What the ****?

And of course, they want to get their hands on nuclear weapons and they want to kill a bunch of innocent people, including Arnold’s troublesome, yet innocent teenage daughter.

I absolutely hated the depiction of Muslims in this movie.

But the plot, special effects, and action scenes were great.

2. Iron Man

As a dyed in the wool comic book nerd, I loved this movie. Iron Man and Batman movies in the same year? Are you kidding me?

But as a Muslim…I kind of had to ignore the fact that Tony Stark was lighting up a bunch of Muslims.

Perhaps it helped that the Muslims he was blowing up were killing other Muslims…but I still don’t feel any better about it.

Even the opening scenes had a bunch of evil, terrorist Muslims killing a convoy of joyful, young, fresh-faced American soldiers.iron-man-muslims

Despite the fact the terrorists were able to wipe out the American soldiers with all their training and weapons and technology, they were no match for Tony Stark. All he needed was a little spit, glue, plywood, and an iPhone
to build the first Iron Man prototype.

And with his trusty (Christian) Arab sidekick cellmate by his side, he was able to kick all the terrorists butt and escape capture.

Later on, Iron Man comes back to the region to mop up the terrorists he failed to incinerate the first time around.

Fortunately, the Muslims in this movie weren’t the primary bad guys. The real bad guy was Tony Stark’s business partner.

So I didn’t feel all that guilty when I got goosebumps watching Tony Stark suit up as Iron Man for the first time.

I can sum up that scene in two words: Nerd heaven.

1. Back To The Future

Before there was Al-Qaeda.

Before there was Usama Bin Laden.

Before there was Saddam Hussein.

There was Libya.

Before 9/11, Libya and Muammar Khaddafi were America’s least favorite Muslims. And if any director needed some evil Muslims in a film, Libya could be counted on to provide them.

Back To The Future, starring Michael J. Fox, was no exception.

Why does a movie about time travel and the 1950’s Americana need Muslim bad guys? I mean, they had Biff for heaven’s sake!

Because the Delorean time machine needed nuclear energy to operate and as everybody knows, if you want plutonium, you gotta go to the Libyans (not the Americans or Israelis or any other nation that actually does possess nuclear technology).

However, if you can stomach the parking lot scene of the Arab and his Kalishnikov and bad aim hanging from the top of the VW van unsuccessfully trying to shoot young Marty McFly, you’re in for one of the best movies ever made.

I must have seen this movie at least twenty times. Heck, I saw it in the movie theaters when it first came out in 1985.

It has fast cars, rock and roll, the space-time continuum, and best of all…a mad scientist.

You can’t go wrong with a mad scientist. Throw in a flux-capacitor and the thought of just how weird it would be to see your mother as a teenager, and you’ve got yourself a terrific movie.

Guilty Pleasures

Each and every one of these movies have made me feel guilty. Either I feel guilty for rooting for the good guy, or because I was secretly relieved when the “bad” Muslim’s devious plot was thwarted.

Yet, each of these movies was undeniably a well done film.

The good thing is that portraying Muslims as the bad guy is going out of vogue now. It seems that the average moviegoer just groans every time they see the typical Arab/Muslim terrorist.

So while you might hate to love the movies in this list, you won’t have to feel too guilty about it for much longer.

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20 Responses to 6 Really Good Movies That Make Muslims Look Bad

  1. Brother Muttaqi Ismail, I have a question regarding these films. As you have said, such films have portrayed Muslims in a wrong manner. And in the title of this article, you wrote “Really Good Movies”. Now, there’s something that I want to say about this.

    Although these movies are great (I have only seen Aladdin and Iron Man from the list), they contain a lot of ‘Haram content’, such as the following:

    1. In the Iron Man film, the female character named Pepper does not wear clothing according to proper Islamic guidelines. There is even an intimate scene in the beginning of a film, i.e. Tony Stark passionately kissing a female reporter who is almost half naked, and this is not appropriate for us.

    2. The films also contain Haram music which, in Islam, we are forbidden to listen to.

    3. And of course, the incorrect portrayal of Muslims.

    Considering the above points, shouldn’t we, as Muslims, have a hatred for these films instead of referring them as ‘really good movies’? Please correct me if I am wrong. Jazakallahu Khairan.

    • Dude. Pakistan is the number one on the list to search for porn on Google. It’s well know.. lives in Pakistan?? If you consider kissing scene and half nude scene as haram they what do you have to tell your Muslim brothers who watch porn the most. Aren’t you hiding this fact behind the curtain ND just portraying that Muslims consider these things haram. Grow up. Everyone know the dirty lifestyle.

  2. =P you forgot Black Hawk Down, shows the Somali Mujahideen leader murdering a bunch of his own people and robbing their food. Protraying him as the big bad somali leader who is also a pirate and another bandit leader.

    • It’s implicitly representing Muslims and the Sultan even mentions Allah. It’s not just Arabs either since the the movie occurs in the fantasy world of Argrabah which is modeled after numerous Islamic peoples from Persian, North African, Arabian, and even Indian backgrounds. It;s a mish-mash of cultures, styles, and influences which is even worse considering it furthers the incorrect sterotype that Muslim=Arab and somewhat offensive that they couldn’t narrow down their cultural references more. Unlike their other movies like cinderella, sleeping beauty snow white, etc… which all have influence taken from specific times and places using more specific cultural and historical reference.

  3. As the 20th Century’s Greatest Philosopher has said:
    “Stupid is as Stupid does.”
    You want to be taken seriously YOU put a choke chain on your Dark Age Barbarian Patriarchal Kin Folk who are blowing the legs off kids in Boston, beheading girls, abusing women, Honor killing everybody, screwing Bacha Bazi Boys, murdering cartoonists and in general ACTING like the KlanBanging SandNAZIS that they are.
    MY people RATTED OUT our home grown Al Qaida–The Molly Maguiers and GOT THEM HUNG.
    What are YOU doing to snuff your Jihadi Kin and Mosque Mates?
    Where are the Islamist “Nisei Battalions”?
    Why aren’t your Barbarous Cousins Marginalized in your Culture if you aren’t all Closet Quisling Fifth Columnists of the Global Caliphate at Heart?
    You guys are holding SLAVES at Saudi Compounds, and YOU, that’s right YOU ENABLE that!
    Mao said “The Revolutionary Swims in a Sea of Peasants.” The Boston Bombers swam in YOUR back yard POOL! Even the Egyptian Army knows NONE of you are to be Trusted.
    Stereotypes my Aunt Fanny. Straight Truth Telling it like it IS.
    YOU start greasing your Jihadi Cousins, THEN we will talk.

    The Howling Commandoes

  4. They do that to manipulate people’s mind around the world to think that Muslims are like that. The truth is, Muslims are normal human being and like other human, there are bad human and bad human. Don’t judge the Islam by looking at Muslims. But, get to know Islam through Al-Quran and hadith.

  5. Add to your list the new movie, “God is not dead”. Portraing Iranian Muslims in a stereotype prejudice way. No Muslim woman who wears a scarf covers her mouth and wear short sleeve top. The director Harold Crank made also Jerusalem Countdown that shows .Muslims as terrorists. Its a shame. Poor American Christians (the majority) believe that crap that for no reason a Muslim student wants to be Christian.

    • Don’t bring American Christians into this and what we believe or think. One thing is a fact. We keep our extreme radicals in check and don’t allow them to kill. We allow them to protest, that’s it. Religion or none. You can’t say the same with extreme radicals in the Muslim religion, which is why we have today what we have.

      There is a day of reckoning coming, my friend. Keep your eyes open and be alert.

  6. Watching movies is haraam due to the following reasons:

    Allaah has enjoined the Muslims to protect their physical faculties from engaging in haraam actions. The guarding of the physical faculties comes under the subject of gratitude for the great blessings that Allaah has bestowed upon His slaves. Allaah has warned of a stern punishment for misusing these blessings in sinful actions. Among the most important of these physical faculties are hearing and sight. There are two ways to ruin the heart spiritually). First, by doing immoral actions and second by committing major sins, that may doom one to Hell.

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “… Verily! The hearing, and the sight and the heart, of each of those, you will be questioned by Allaah.” [al-Isra’ 17:36]
    Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts. That is purer for them. Verily Allah is All-Aware of what they do.” [an-Noor’ 24:30]

    Do you know, the movies contain the things which are forbidden in Islam:
    Images of women in skimpy attire
    Portrayal of nudity as an art.
    Music and immoral dancing of men and women.
    Spreading corrupt beliefs which are based on mythology, Propagating immorality (drinking, gambling, dating, pre-marital sex)
    Stereotyping Muslims and insulting Islam. (Delta Force, The Dictator, True Lies etc.)
    Therefore, Muslims should fear their Lord, Allah SWT, and avoid watching movies.

  7. Reading these comments just confirms my belief islam is not compatible with the educated west .Seriously a half naked woman kissed someone and you are offended because woman are not covered up .Sheer arrogance of not realising how lucky you are to have a life , worrying the same life away obsessed about what lies beyond , staggering brainwashing

  8. Dear Mr. Muttaq,

    As a Sicilian, I’ve seen my people being portrayed as backward bloodthristy criminals in basically every flick or tv-show ever made, some of them extraordinary, I have to admit. So I can get your point of view. It’s also true though that many tv-shows popular in the muslim world portray Israelis and Westerners more or less at the same level as Hollywood does with muslims. Russians and Germans were the token Hollywood bad guys just a few decades earlier, and I’m guessing North Korea is next(or maybe Russia again), to take “your” place. My point is that stereotypes sell much better than reality, and anyone with an interest in selling an idea, a movie, or a political agenda will allways try to exagerate things. Reading the comments I’ve seen some stereotypes of both “sides” commenting on the subject. Both of them make me sick, but I’ll just comment on “my side”…

    Hey Big Mck, the Molly Maguire’s were a group of Irish mineworkers who fought to earn better wages, when they got hunted down and put to death by Pinkerton’s agents on orders by the Mine companies. Before you write bull, get informed.
    Also, in Pakistan alone, the number of civilian and military deaths fighting against the taliban is much higher than the number of US troops killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Syria and Iraq the only ones fighting ISIS on the ground are muslims. So yes, they are actually doing something.

    One more thing. When an American says something like:”You guys are holding SLAVES at Saudi Compounds, and YOU, that’s right YOU ENABLE that!”

    Wait a sec… Is Saudi Arabia a Democracy? No, so unless the blogger is a Saudi sheik, there’s really nothing HE actually decided. The US is a democracy, though we have Guantanamo and a bunch of other similar facilities. HEll, we might have even sent some of those prisoners in Saudi Arabia ourselves!!! But we also need our USAF bases there, so let’s drop it there ok?

    Back on the movies, Personally I don’t really see any bias in Syriana or in The Siege. To me they both gave me the feeling they where critical to how the west treats the east.

    • Thanks for your input Davide. Yes, I agree that stereotypes play on a basic human need to have an “other” to dehumanize. As an African-American I’ve experienced a good deal of stereotyping all the way around.

      Syriana and the Siege got me (though they were both pretty entertaining movies) was the back-stabbing Muslim trope. I expected movies about terrorism to have Muslims as the arch-nemesis.

  9. dear indian…. it was old folks and dont try to rechange people republic of india to people rape public of india and please control yourslef because there is 68% majority of women. rape is common and easy crime in india which happens after each one minuite. respect women.

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