Islam has been a journey, and for me, that journey began early.

My parents converted to Islam many years ago, before I was born.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and were it not for a few strange happenings, would have probably gone through life like any other kid.

But as it turned out, some time in my early teens, my mother decided she wanted her son to become an Islamic scholar.

My Early Islamic Education

She sent me to Senegal, West Africa with several other young African-American Muslim boys from the NYC area to study Islam. And even though I hated being there at the time, I now realize it was one of the most important things to ever happen to me.

While in Senegal, I learned some Quran, basic Fiqh, basic Arabic, and how to beg and curse in three different languages. But what was most important about going to Senegal was that I had been introduced to Islam as a way of life, and not just as a religion.

I stayed in Senegal for about three years before my mother got another idea and decided I needed to spend a little more time away from the United States. So she sent me to an Islamic boarding school in Trinidad and Tobago.

This boarding school, Darul Uloom, helped me deepen my Islamic studies. But like Senegal, I couldn’t stand being there. And like Senegal, it took many years for me to understand just how significant it was to be there.

After another two years of study in Trinidad, my mother brought me back home for good. I immediately became involved in the local Brooklyn Muslim community, specifically Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah, where I eventually got married.

Life As An Adult

I moved south to Florida for college, eventually graduating with a degree in Accounting, before settling in Atlanta.

I went the normal route, getting a decent retail job with a big corporation, with the dim hope that one day I might get promoted to upper management if I worked hard enough.

But there was always something calling me.

Making a lot of money did not make me happy.

Trying to climb the corporate ladder did not make me happy.

And trying to fit into the “ideal” American lifestyle did not make me happy.

The only thing that ever made me truly happy was studying and teaching Islam.

In 2006, I started an Islamic website called Islamic Learning Materials. The website did okay, but I soon realized that my level of Islamic knowledge was insufficient to answer many of the questions that website visitors were sending me.

In 2011 I discovered Islamic Online University, enrolled and have been working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies ever since.

Now, that you’ve got the quickie version of my life, let me tell you what this website is all about.

I’ve had some amazing experiences as a Muslim. I’ve experienced Allah’s Mercy in too many ways to count.

From the way He helped me find my father’s family, to seeing demons (jinn) chased away using His book, Islam has played a major role in my life.

Read the story of how I found my father after more than 30 years.

Not Just Another Muslim Evangelist

This is not just another Dawah (missionary) website, and I don’t strive to be just another da’ee (Muslim evangelist).

I want people, especially Muslims living in the West, to know the beauty, wonder, and magnificence of Islam.

I want you to love Islam as much as I do.

But in order to do that, we’re going to have to work through a few things.

  • Islam and culture are not the same thing. Most of the crazy stuff you hear about Islam and Muslims is really culture and not religion.
  • The Quran is the key. The more you understand the Quran, the clearer things will get for you.
  • Becoming a better Muslim is not easy, but it’s definitely possible. But you have to be willing to put in the work.
  • Islamic education means a lot. If you don’t strive to understand this faith, then you’re going to be lost. You don’t need to be a scholar. But you don’t need to be a fool either.
  • If you’re not following the Prophet Muhammmad (pbuh), then you’re not practicing Islam. You can’t do this without him. TRUST me…you cannot be Muslim without following his way.

When it comes to Islam, you’re going to get it straight with me. Sometimes, people don’t like straight talk, and you may not always agree with me. Hey, I might even be wrong sometimes.

But don’t expect me to compromise when it comes to Islam. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen.


Okay, a few random facts about me:

Favorite sport: Baseball. Basketball’s a close second.
Favorite team: New York Mets. Yankees fans are not allowed on this website.
Favorite superhero: Batman, Batman and then…yeah, Batman.
Number of children: Five. Watch out for the toddler. She’s dangerous.
Apple or Android: The only androids I want are the kind on Star Wars. Speaking of which…
Star Wars or Star Trek: Hold on a minute…I can’t find my light saber.
Marvel or DC: Once again…Batman, Batman, Batman.

Alright, that’s enough randomness for now.

Now it’s time to find out what this is all really about. Click here to get started.