What Does The Arab Spring And Islam Have In Store For Muslims?

What Does The Arab Spring And Islam Have In Store For Muslims?

A Look At the Connection Between The Arab Spring And Islam

Is there any relation between the Arab Spring and Islam? Definitely, because the changes in the Middle East have forced the despots and tyrants of the Middle East to show their true colors.

For years they survived off of fear and oppression. For years they’ve destroyed, plundered, and cheated.

They told the US and Israel and the West that they were necessary. They promised them they could control their people. They assured them that oppression and totatalitarianism was necessary to beat back the terrorists.

Photo courtesy Ramy Raoof

The Brutes of the Middle East told everyone they had to be brutes to keep the terrorists and misfits of society in check.

And the US bought this load of garbage because like most people, they believed what they wanted to believe.

But then something funny happened. Everyone learned that there was a strong connection between this so-called Arab Spring and Islam. And guess what else happened?

The people decided to look Medusa in the eye. And the monster flinched.

When the Brutes of the Middle East realized they couldn’t beat their people into submission; when they realized they couldn’t imprison truth; when they realized that neither their bark nor their bite was going to scare anyone any longer, they did what all beaten dogs do.

They sulked away with their tales between their legs.

What Do They Really Fear?

Let’s be clear. This is not about democracy and freedom.

If you believe that, then you’ve bought into the smoke and mirrors.

If the Western world truly cared about spreading democracy and freedom through the Muslim world they would have never supported the Brutes. This can be seen by how slowly the US supported the movements against the tyrants they favored (like Hosni Mubarak in Egypt) and how quickly they supported the movements against the tyrants they didn’t (like Qadaffi in Libya).

This is about Islam.

The US (my country yes, but my country is far from perfect) and Israel and all the Brutes of the Middle East have one thing in common:

They all fear Islam. They are very worried about the relationship between the Arab Spring and Islam.

Photo courtesy Maghrebia

The reason the US allowed these brutes to reign with an iron fist is because the Brutes promised to keep Islam at bay. They promised to never allow the rise of Muslim ruled countries with the Quran and Sunnah as the law (Shariah).

The US doesn’t fear Islamic governments because they threaten American security. Trust me when I say this, we Americans are very arrogant with our military power and have little fear of anything beyond another recession.

But Islamic governments may unite on the basis of Islam and thereby threaten the Capital of the World: Israel. And the US government is (foolishly in my opinion) committed to protecting Israel at all costs.

The only people who fear the Arab Spring and Islam more than the US and Israel were the Brutes of the Middle East themselves. Which is why every toppled ruler has been very secular (with the possible exception of Muamar Ghadaffi).

Don’t Expect The Arab Spring To Be Perfect

To be sure, I don’t necessarily agree with all of the goals of the Arab Spring uprisings. The most confusing part of it all is that they were supported by people from so many different backgrounds.

Yes, there were many ordinary Muslims who wanted basic human rights. And there were many who actually want Islam to take a larger part in the governance of their country.

But there are many secular and even un-Islamic factions in the midst as well. For example:

  • Women’s liberation groups – (I’m not against women’s rights; I’m just against the Western interpretation of women’s rights).
  • Government opposition groups – (These guys are usually expats living in some Western nation who are just mad at the Brutes for taking their slice of the pie).
  • Progressives – (Progressive Islam, Progressive Muslims and their ilk want one thing and one thing only: to destroy Islam. Watch out for them).

At the same time, I think everyone should be wary of any group stating they want to establish an Islamic government and rule by Islamic law. It’s not that I doubt the supremacy and perfection of Islam; trust me, I do not.

But very often the same people who claim to want to rule by Islam wind up being just as brutal, tyrranical, and power-hungry as the governments they replaced.

Also, as we’ve seen with the Taliban, they may be too naive to rule an entire nation with justice and become so harsh that they wind up oppressing the very people they initially desired to liberate.

What’s Next For The Arab Spring And The Muslim World?

Allah knows best what’s going to happen in the coming years. So many things have happened in the past two decades, that have completely disrupted the balance of global power.

A lot depends on who wins the Presidential elections this year in the US.

If Obama wins, expect the US to withdraw from Afghanistan by 2013 and expect the Afghan government to negotiate a truce with the Taliban. Allah only knows what will happen if that happens.

If Obama loses and Mitt Romney (or Allah forbid Newt Gingrich) becomes the next President, expect a longer stay in Afghanistan and perhaps an invasion of Iran.

I have no doubt of America’s military prowess and I’m sure the US can invade Iran with ease and wipe out most of that country’s infrastructure and military. But if we do invade Iran, I believe that will be one of the worst military decisions in our short history.

Iran is neither Iraq nor is it Afghanistan. Iran is almost 100% Shia and almost 100% Persian and has a long, proud, history of struggle and fighting.

We should also keep an eye on Syria which is the current focus of the Arab Spring uprisings. Right now, the Syrian government is doing its best to decrease the population by several percentage points. Only Allah knows how long Bashar Al-Assad will last, but my guess is not too much longer.

Photo courtesy Saleem-Homsi

When and if he goes, who will take over next? And how will that leader handle relations with Syria’s enemy next door, Israel?

And then there’s still the question of the other countries that have deposed leaders like Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. These nations are still in flux and it’s way too early to see how things will turn out there.

And let’s not forget China. China is already the second largest economy in the world and may one day surpass the US (my guess, about 5-7 years). China does not have the negative history with the Muslim world like America has and is not as beholden to Israel as America is.

Expect China to do what’s best for China.

Russia is another nation to watch. Besides America and Israel, Russia probably has more recent experience dealing with Muslims than any other Western or European nation. The Russian invasion of Afghanistan is still fresh in their memory and they have also had to deal with Muslim rebels in Chechnya.

This will most certainly have influence on their decisions and actions going forward.

For the past 20 years, the Middle East has been the flashpoint of the world. From Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait to the current Arab uprisings.

One thing is for sure: the Arab Spring is all part of the Qadr of Allah, or God’s Decree..

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