Video: You Can Be Confident

Video: You Can Be Confident

Do you suffer from a lack of self confidence?

Is it because of limitations you’ve put on yourself? Is it because you’ve failed in the past and are afraid you’ll fail again?

Or is it because a loved one trained you to be timid and afraid to try something new?

Watch this video and gain some tips on how to boost your determination and become a confident Muslim.

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8 Responses to Video: You Can Be Confident

  1. infact i ve completely lost my self esteem and self confidence i dont know what to do about my life cos i ve made some complicated decisions in my jst silent i couldnt fight for my right if possible i wont mind helpful suggestion that would be of help.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Name Lawal,

      There are many things I can suggest. A few are to remember that any difficulty becomes easier if you put your trust in Allah. Try to have faith and patience.

      You seem to lack strength. Strength comes from doing the right thing, and understanding Islam as much as you can. And ultimately, all strength comes from Allah. Make dua to Him and ask for strength.

      Also, listen to the recording I’ve made called “Don’t Lose Hope”. It gives lots of practical, Islamic advice that you will hopefully find useful, Inshallah. Sign up for updates from ILM on the sidebar to get the free recording.

      Allah is the source of strength.

  2. Jazakallah khaiyran, a very helpful video, just what i needed. I do my prayers and i try quite hard to forbid what is evil and enjoin what is good, however, I am planning to do something that might lead me to lying and i think i might have to lie because otherwise it will cause a lot of distress for me and i think my husband as well. Therefore, i feel guilty and my confidence is running quite low. If you can, please share your view.

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