Command And Conquer

Command And Conquer

One of my favorite games is Command and Conquer Generals with the Zero Hour expansion pack. This game is really fun for those that love strategy and blowing things up.

But as a Muslim, I have some issues with this game. Let me give you the rundown.

Command and Conquer Generals came out way back in 2003. Here’s the premise of the game.

There are three teams: USA, China, and the Global Liberation Army (GLA).

You choose to be the general of one of these teams and battle the other two teams across the globe.

The USA is the noble team with fancy jets, helicopters, laser weapons, special forces, and satellites.

The Chinese are also the “good guys.” They don’t have the fancy toys the USA has (almost all of the Chinese weapons are plain green), but they still have a pretty good array of munitions.

The GLA are the bad guys. They are against both the USA and the Chinese. The GLA is not a real army, doesn’t belong to any country and don’t even have their own weapons.

Instead, most of their tanks are old Soviet clunkers and refitted scooters. They don’t even have planes.

You can imagine who the GLA are supposed to represent. Islamic/Muslim terrorists.

Of course the game doesn’t specify that they’re Muslim. There’s no Quran or Arabic words used in any part of the game. Even the names of the GLA generals are not true Arabic or Islamic names.

But most of the fighting in this video game takes place in various Muslim countries. And you can even fight in and blow up mosques. And when the shooting starts you see women in burkas and men in thowbs start running away.

The GLA utilizes suicide bombers, demo traps (aka IED’s or improvised explosive devices), hijackers, biochemical weapons, and snipers.

Now I wouldn’t discourage anyone from playing Command and Conquer Generals.

But don’t be fooled.

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10 Responses to Command And Conquer

  1. Hello, I’m contributing to a AoE-like RTS game that ranges from 500BC to 500AD and I wanted to ask you for some guidance. We are hesitating about the religious buildings for each civilisation: We would like to have priests like in AoE, but are a little afraid of the reaction people may have to certain religious buildings being destroyed. No civilisations are presented as ‘good’ or as ‘bad’, or at least none of them are supposed to be. Also destroying these buildings is in no way the goal of this game, but it will undeniably be a part of the game, if we put them in. I want to ask you whether you think it’s worth the risk. If you want to take a look at the game: . You can download it for free btw 🙂

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I think (and it’s just my opinion) that you should just go ahead and create your game as you see fit. As you say, you’re not intending to demean or hurt any particular group of people. If you don’t intend malice (like those guys who made that ridiculous YouTube movie a few months ago) I doubt anyone will be upset.

      The problems arise when people deliberately want to hurt or slander a group of people and use art and free expression as an excuse. But if you’re just making a game that includes religious buildings that may or may not be destroyed, I wouldn’t have any problem with it personally.

      But that’s just my opinion.

  2. More on-topic now: C&C Generals was a great game, but it was made by americans (as – unfortunately – most games) so it’s really biased, which is rather unfortunate. In a war, can you really say who is good and who is bad? There’s this quote: “War is not about who’s right, war is about who’s left.” The winner always pretends to be the good guy and loser can’t really argue.

    • I agree, it was a great game. Even now, almost ten years after it came out, I still like playing it.

      But given the climate in which it was developed and released (a few years after 9/11 and right around the invasion of Iraq), it’s not surprising there was some bias. This bias was not just in video games; it was seen all across different forms of media.

      Television had the hit series “24.”

      Movies had things like “Three Kings” and “Jarhead.”

      And video games had Command and Conquer Generals.

      But now that that hysteria has died down a bit, people are finding the same old bad guys as kind of stale. So hopefully we’ve turned the corner on that sort of thing.

  3. Command & Conquer is an excellent game within gameplay terms, but it is another american tool of propaganda, prepping the masses and indoctrinating them (much like communist china or Facist germany) to attack Muslim races.

    The GLA (Global Liberation Army) is shown as murderers, thugs and bandits whose soldiers want nothing more than to plunder, murder and take. They are shown in their campaigns murdering civilians and robbing supplies (money) and building weapons of “mass destruction” to destroy foreign nations…

    Everything about the GLA similarly indicates Afghan/Pakistani people, if you blow up a GLA building and click on the rubble building, you’ll find a Pathan looking mujahid. If you click on the barracks you’ll hear the worlds “ayallah resulallah” indicating a form of arabic.

    All the soldiers of GLA look like Afghan/Tribal men (although sound like indians for some reason…)

    I can understand why the US developers would make China out to be an ally of the US… they definitely dont want to tamper with China or the Rus-Cino alliance in real life. But many know the truth about Communist China and the current Facist government of the US.

    I really do hope this false identification of my people comes to an end and they show our true selves in the next command and conquer, the warrior race of Afghanistan/Tribal Belt that has defeated every empire that has tried to invade and occupy our lands… Guerilla and mountain warfare, not suicide bombing and toxic chemicals…

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