Islam And Mental Illness

Islam And Mental Illness

Praise be to Allah, all knowing of ailments and their hidden cures. May peace and salutations be upon His first prophet Adam, His final prophet Mohammad and every single one of the prophets that came in between them (Ameen).


Muslims, like a few other religions, believe in one creator. We tend to believe that we were sent into this world as surrogates of Allah. The Holy al-Qur’an informs all mankind that man and jinn were created to worship of one supreme being (Allah). Once death comes, we shall all be resurrected on the Day of Judgment and be judged based on our deeds.

Therefore the purpose of this life is:

He Alone has the keys of the unseen treasures, of that nobody is aware of except Him. He is aware of everything, no matter if it is within the land and within the sea; there’s not one leaf that falls without His knowing; there’s neither a grain within the darkness of the planet nor any issue contemporary or dry that has not been recorded in an exceedingly Clear Book (Qur’an)

Quran Chapter 6, Verse 59

It additionally says within the Qur’an:
And attach the rope of a Creator, all at once, and don’t be divided
Quran Chapter 3, Verse 103


There are several hadiths (traditions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) that encourage the Muslims to seek medical treatment. Here are a few of them below:

The first one is about Abu Hurayrah, he narrates that The Prophet pbuh said:

There is not any malady that Allah has created, except that He additionally has created its remedy.


Usamah ibn Shuraik narrated:

O Allah’s Messenger! Should we tend to request medical treatment for our illnesses?’ He replied: ‘Yes, you must request medical treatment, as a result of Allah, the Exalted, has let no malady exist while not providing for its cure, aside from one ill, namely, old age’.


Taking appropriate, correct care of ones health is considered for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to be the proper of the body.

The Prophet did not solely teach sick folks to require drugs; rather he himself invited professional physicians for this purpose.

Our time in this dunya is temporary. Therefore one would have to invest into their Imaan (faith) and Tawakkul (trust) since it is the most important part of a Muslim’s belief.

Hence, problems, diseases or troubles of life, should be simple to deal with. But, since this material world has been classed as Darul Asbaab (A world of means) it is necessary to require medication for one’s malady.

It is essential for all of us to search around for the cure, which might be classed as the highest grade of Tawakkul (Trust in Allah).

Dr. Shehzadi Munir, a retired medical specialist says:

“I found it simple to apply [treatment] on nonsecular folks as a direct result of their emotional [attachment] to an explicit pillar; and the best pillar is one’s own religion, belief in a Supreme Being – God, the Maker of the Universe.”

To stop someone from falling within the lure of worry and anxiety we’ve been suggested that Imaan (Faith) is between worry and Hope!

What is the position of a insane patient in Islam?

Islamic Law rules that the insane are exempted, that is, they are not considered responsible for their sins, therefore they will be forgiven.

Allah burdens not a person over his capability

Quran Chapter 2, Verse 286

Furthermore, a person’s actions will be divided into 2 classes; voluntary and involuntary. They’ll be reckoned for the voluntary actions (what was done on purpose). However the involuntary ones are exempt.

Islam is extremely compassionate and understanding towards attribute, thence we’ve been told from the first point in time that:

Mankind has been created weak

Quran Chapter 4 , Verse28

In other words, we are prone to make mistakes and commit folly. However, we can rise above this and turn to our Lord in penance, because He’s Al-Gaffar (Most Forgiving) Ar-Raheem (Most Merciful).

Islam never ceases to encourage repentance for those who transgressed!

This teaches all nations that Islam is extremely understanding towards the sinners as well as the insane.

In this day of contemporary drugs, man has discovered that the mental state is generally a pathological, genetic or organic malady. It may also be a reactionary consequence of the effects that socio-cultural dilemmas like divorce, separation etc. have on our lives.

Patients’ Rights

God, The Lord of Honour and Glory, will say on the Day of Judgement: ‘Son of Adam, I used to be sick and you probably did not visit Me.’

The man will say: ‘My Lord, however might I visit You and you’re the Lord of the universe!’

God will then say: ‘Did you not recognize My servant, therefore so was sick and you probably did not visit him? Did you not realise that if you had visited him, you’d have found Maine with him?’


Abu Musa Al-Ashari narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

Feed the hungry, visit the sick, and liberate the captives.


The Prophets’ way (Sunnah):

Anas ibn Malik narrates that:

A girl had a defect in her brain, said: Allah’s traveler, I need to speak to you. He said: select on that aspect of the road you’d prefer to stand and speak, in order that I could fulfill your want. He stood along with her on the pavement till she spoke to her heart’s content.


This shows that the Prophet (pbuh) never discriminated between the sane or insane. As long as this girl conversed with him with patience he continued to pay attention.


Do not discriminate!

The prophet in his visits failed to discriminate against under the mentally ill folks. He even visited sick non-Muslims.


We believe that every malady has its own cure. However it’s up to man to analysis and realize the cure.

Let all people know that they should pray to The Supreme Being that He strengthens our religion for peace and tranquility, that are such very important ingredients for us to become a perfect society.

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  1. I find the most bugging thing is when some people (some muslims) stereotyped people with mental illness as being “possessed” by jinns, or blaming what they can’t explain to jinns. Of course jinns exist and perhaps in some cases, it’s “possessions”. But if only Avicenna (Ibn Sina) chose to believe that all mental illness is caused by jinns or demons or woo-woo, he would never initiate a mental hospital and psychiatric diagnosis that’s being modeled by Europe afterward, and he did that earlier before Jung and Freud.

  2. Reciting “Laahawla walaa quwwata illaa billaah-il ‘aliyyil ‘azwiim” has cure for 99 illnesses, the least of which being depression. (Hadith)

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