Are You A Muslim Leader? Then You Need To Read This

Are You A Muslim Leader? Then You Need To Read This

The World Doesn’t Give A Damn About You

If you aspire to be a leader, or if you are already in a position of leadership, there is one simple lesson you must embody. You must comprehend this vital truth.

You must learn how to see things as they really are. You must become completely objective in your outlook on life, especially in your relationships with other people.

Many Muslims, especially young Muslims, have an idealistic view of the world. They believe the world should behave a certain way. They believe that justice and fairness will win out in the end.

As a Muslim, I agree that justice and fairness will win out in the end. However, it is not guaranteed that you will live to see it.

In fact, it is not guaranteed that justice and fairness will even happen in this lifetime.

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We often take the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as an example, and that is the best course of action.

And as we all know, the Prophet (pbuh) went through tremendous difficulty and strain before achieving victory in the end. This is truly one of the most remarkable underdog stories of history.

Many Muslims take the Prophet’s success to mean that regardless of the situation, they will will also ultimately be successful.

That is a naive and irresponsible outlook on the world.

You are not the Prophet. You are not guided by divine revelation. You were not promised victory by Allah.

Therefore, your success is dependent on a lot more than simply your faith and convictions. Your success is also dependent on your actions, strategy, intelligence, and ability.

Your intentions and convictions may be noble. But if your execution is faulty and left uncorrected, you will fail.

Allah Is Fair And Just. The World Is Not

We know and admit and acknowledge that Allah is fair and just. He is the Most Just. We cannot and must question His Justice. To do so is an act of disbelief.

If you are truly correct in your position, whatever that may be, then Allah will bring you justice in the next life. But that does not mean that you will see justice in this life.

You may go through life expecting the scales to balance. But unless you take proactive measures to ensure that balance, chances are it will never happen.

The fact is that the world does not owe you anything. No one owes you anything.

The world does not have to be fair and just simply because you feel that is the way things should be.

In fact, the world is far from fair and just. The world is actually quite cold and cruel.

And that is why you must utilize the gifts Allah has given you to protect and preserve what is important to you. That is why you must see the world as it truly is and not as you perceive it should be.

To do anything else is to be irresponsible as a leader. To do anything else will lead to disappointment and disillusion.

Historical Examples

There are many examples throughout history of the unjust being victorious while the innocent suffer. Even centuries after this injustice, the scales do not seem to have balanced themselves out.

Let’s take the example of European colonization of North America. In their quest for land and riches, Spain, France, and England slaughtered, enslaved, poisoned, and committed all out genocide against the indigenous people of this continent.

Centuries later, has anything changed? Certainly we can see that those innocent Native Americans suffered for the greed of the Europeans. The Native Americans were not at war with the Europeans. They did not have any dispute with them. They did nothing to bring about this tragedy.

Yet, they were nearly wiped out and their culture demolished and replaced by another.

This all began over five hundred years ago when Christopher Columbus first set foot on the Bahamas Islands.

Since that time, nothing has changed. European culture is still the dominant culture in North America and will be for the foreseeable future. Whereas the few remaining Native Americans struggle to keep their heritage alive.

Certainly, Allah will call those to account for the evil they did. This is definitely true in the next life.

But as far as this life in concerned, it is a done deal. The innocents were wiped out and the children of the conquerors are enjoying the spoils.

My point in all of this is to show you that you must remove the blinders and try to see the world with absolute clarity.

Dealing With Others

If someone acts in a way that is detrimental to you and may cause you harm, it is naive to expect them to change. The only thing you should expect is more of the same.

If an adversary or opponent has struggled against you, do not expect them to suddenly have a change of heart. Do not expect them to suddenly see the light and turn over a new leaf.

If they apologize and appear to change their ways, then you may forgive them if you think that is prudent. After all, it is better to have a weak ally than a strong enemy.

You may forgive. But do not forget.

The world doesn’t care about your morals or standards. The world doesn’t care about your perception of justice.

The world doesn’t give a damn about you.

However, as a Muslim, you are commanded to be just and fair. You are commanded to give a damn about others.

O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah , witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.
Chapter 5, verse 8

You must do the right thing.

Just don’t expect it from others.

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